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Barclays Bank Case Study

curved halo LED signBarclays Bank Case Study

A new floating halo display being rolled out by Barclays incorporates state of the art LED display technology from Messagemaker Displays. Introducing movement and visual impact, the futuristic overhead displays display a greeting message which can be
personalised to the local branch.

Following a competitive tender process, Messagemaker was commissioned to install Single Line LED tickers to overhead halo
displays in selected Barclays retail banking outlets. To date, the company has installed six displays, with additional systems
scheduled for installation going forward.

Messagemaker’s appointment reflects the strength and longevity of the company’s existing relationship with Barclays as an established supplier of foreign exchange boards.

LED tickers lend a sense of dynamism to retail environments, providing information through a visually attractive medium that commands attention. The latest LED technology allows designers more freedom to incorporate unusual shapes, including curves or angles, while lightweight materials enable displays to be suspended for greater effect and all-round visibility.

The new ticker displays incorporate a 10 millimetre pixel pitch blue LED moving message, mounted on special flexible printed circuit boards and chassis.

Moving messages create a favourable first impression and are more impactful than static displays. Easy to programme, the new system allows messages to be updated locally as required at no additional cost.

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Creativity at the Center of Boston’s New District Hall LED Displays – PR Leap (press release)

PR Leap (press release)
Creativity at the Center of Boston’s New District Hall LED Displays
PR Leap (press release)
The District Hall project features two separate high-resolution 12 mm pitch S|Video™ displays that face Seaport Boulevard.

Stocksigns Group‘s insight:

LED big screens provide the ideal medium for exciting content 

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